You know I could spend hours on Google.ca looking up on How to Start a Blog, Or what topic’s to write about. And to be brutally honest none of what I’ve seen seem to be appealing.

This is where I’ll tell you a little bit of what is happening in my currently life. And reader be prepared for the roller coaster ride that is my life. Family, friends, relationships, passions, depression, social anxiety, PTSD, and goodness know what else.

Yes I am a Newfoundlander. I’ll apologize now for grammar, misuse of words, full on run on sentences, and what ever else of English class that I was suppose to absorb and obviously didn’t. I’m use to people making fun of the way I talk, or the way I use some words. So trust me i’ve heard it all.

The reason why I want to get into Blogging is because I have a lot to say. And Apparently to my doctors (all 4 of them) I have a lot of anger. And hopefully in my future post you’ll be able to understand why.

I have had a fortunate childhood, which I will talk about, but my childhood, teenage years, and to present would pretty much be a shitty dealt hand of cards in this game we call life.

I am thankful for my Fiancé Kris Tyler. To have a man that is so understanding, patient, kind, and who I can trust and rely on. Someone to lean on when things get dark. Someone who can bring me out of the darkness of my mind. The last 5 months have been the hardest. You’ll read why.

We have 3 rescue dogs. Bella, Benina, and Mac. They deserve their own post. To have their own stories told. I’m a huge advocate for rescue dogs. Adopt don’t Shop.

We bought our first home together in June 2015. Found the prefect place to set some roots, in Murillo. Just a 10 minute drive from the city. Just outside of City limits. We have 6 acres of land, with our own walking trail. Couldn’t have asked for a better home. But lets remember, we can’t choose our neighbours. Unfortunately. Again that story is for another time.

I work as a Nurse at our local Hospital. I graduated in 2013. Started my career working in Long term care, which gave me to confidence and passion in this field to further my career into Acute care. I have the passion and drive to want to help people. To help people in their time of need. To advocate for those who can’t. I am a Nurse. I put other peoples needs before my own. To make sure my patients are getting the best care that I can provide.

My Fiancé works in a small mining community, Marathon, Ont. Just 3.5 hours east of Thunder Bay. He works a 13/6 schedule. Which is not a preferred scheduled by all means. To only spend 6 days home a month… Completely blows! But I am thankful. He works hard to provide for us. For our family.

I’m hoping that in this Blog I can find peace. Work out some frustrations. To explore topics and to reach into the abyss and hopefully find what I am looking for.

What that is… We shall see.

– ♥- P